Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bicycles Are FLY: The Textual Evidence

"Bicycles: because love requires trust and balance."- Nikki Giovanni

Check out the latest collection... IT'S ILL!

Scrumptious Tunes Overflowin the MP3 Plate

A plate of tunes coming your way via the Camp Lo kitchen. The album is pretty decent, they remain consistent with the soul, jazz , and funk fusion which I 'preciate. The lyrics and beats aren't BAM IN YA FACE spectacular, however there are some gems in the jewelry box.

Tracks I'm Feelin':

- "89 of Crimes"
- "Ticket 4 2"
- "Pips"
- "After the Marv"

Check the album out on your own time... see if you feelin' it.


In Celebration of Ladies' History Month: Last Minute Thoughts

This has to be one of the ILLEST love pieces ever written! I didn't fall in love, I had a serious mind collision with it.

PS- Did I mention the author will be at my school April 2?!

I Wrote A Good Omelet by Nikki Giovanni

I wrote a good omelet...and ate
a hot poem... after loving you

Buttoned my car...and drove my
coat the rain...
after loving you

I goed on red...and stopped on
green...floating somewhere in between...
being here and being there...
after loving you

I rolled my bed...turned down
my hair...slightly
confused but...I don't care...

Laid out my teeth...and gargled my
gown...then I stood
...and laid me down...

To sleep...
after loving you

(poem via Afro Poets)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Operation Ph(ill)osophical Tees Now In Progress

stussy-great-minds-tshirts-1 Stussy Great Minds Collection

"Great Minds" Collection by Stussy

I'm leaning towards Einstein, Thoreau, or possibly Shakespeare

Thursday, March 19, 2009

iLL Hip-Hop+Stage+Afro Anecdotes= Over Ya Head Arithmetic!

When: April 6- May 2

Where: Ohio Theater in Soho

Who: Written by Eisa Davis (Niece of Angela Davis)

Why: It's gonna be a riveting experience all for 20 bucks that's WHY!

Just peep the mixtape's intro!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Washing Out My Dandruff Thoughts: Rinse 7

An older gentleman who is a professor at my school was on the shuttle today sitting across from my friend and I. With today's New York Times in hand (specifically the business day section) and a softback business textbook on the vacant next seat next to him, trust me as I say, the man was in the zone!

Dig this--- The dude was bumpin his classical music like some of us youngins with our rap music! He was just smilin as he was keeping abreast of the latest news in stocks and economic meltdown while bumpin his classical composition mixtape--- such an ill moment. Go 'head sir!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Video de la Noche

88 Keys feat. Kanye West "Stay Up (Viagra)"

This video is so obnoxious but I'm feelin it!

Wow this problem is on pandemic status that it has a hip-hop video?! haha

Check it out


video via Senor Kaos' Blog

Monday, March 16, 2009

In Celebration of Ladies' History Month: Big Banger Outer

The film is simply wonderful... catch on youtube when you can if you have not seen it yet!
Maybe it's my Jill Scott bias but usually anything that she is involved with is AMAZING!

This is one of the rare instances where mysteries catch my eye but the plot, characters, and actors are great. Oh and have I mentioned that I now wanna travel to Botswana now?!


What a nice way to end this great month dedicated to... US!


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Artistic Theatrics+Beat Cinematic= Fantastic

(click on the billboard to visit the webpage)

Late in the wee hours I was on a musical archaeological dig (nothing new), and after nike dunking myself in the face for discovering Joe Bataan so late, my digging lead me to this.


So this piece, City of God's Son, is a Kenzo Digital joint. It takes mash ups to a higher level. This is a digital collage of the reign of 90s NYC hip-hop, snippets from epic films particularly crime that coincide with the concept of "gangster". It focuses on the relationship between father and son, music and art, inspiration and subtle and "sound and space". Not to mention Joe Bataan is the narrator!

The clip below is the trailer... definitely check that out.
Also stop past the website and read Kenzo Digital's take on his dope project and download the free "film for the blind".


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Wardrobe Check 4 Women's History Month

Ima wear my FLY self respect sneakers
Sport a dignified fedora with my get ahead locs hangin out
rock my new straightforward levi's jeans
choose from an array of uplifting pullovers
then spit a prayer hoping
the coherence of confidence in
my inner outfit's appearance
will spark a long lasting trend
amongst all of us WOMEN!

Photo of the Day

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger congratulates Iris Kyle ...


Saturday, March 7, 2009

Watch Men Be A-holes at the Movies

(photo via Evan Shaner)
Honestly the movie was not as bad as the ignorant inconsiderate crowd was making it out to be. But with any movie, I have to watch this again without a doubt in the comfort and silence of my own crib to fully appreciate it. Even though I didn't read the novel, I knew the premise of the story plus my homie read it and wanted to check it out.

Here's a look back on last night's experience:

1. There's a reason why I rarely go to the movies let alone go on opening weekend: PEOPLE DON'T KNOW HOW TO ACT!!!

2. I was ready to become very un-Mel O. towards all the loud mouths who felt it necessary to point out Mr. Manhattan being naked! Obviously they didn't read the novel b/c they would have known this already!

3. I'm still laughing at my friend who found the comedian's uber masculinity "sexy"


5. I will admit, the last 20 mins were pretty pointless. I was ready to leave once Rorschach died.

6. My friend and I pointed out that though the film stuck to most of the book's plot, the movie tried to cater to everyone through the violence, deep message, and sex which was a bit much to grasp

7. I had to change my seat b/c I was sitting next to 2 racist pricks who were making so many ignorant comments about black people but why be mad at them? My friend and I were doing the same thing to an extent.

8. Is it just me or does that movie with Seth Rogen look like a knock off Paul Blart?

9. Richard Nixon's nose was AWFUL... but seriously could you imagine if he actually was president for 3 terms if that were possible?

10. the theater was inundated with underdeveloped testosterone (constant yelling and chanting at the screen making it extremely difficult to hear the film... ignorant jerks!!)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sprung on the Kleenex and Vicks

Apologies for not pumping out the entries as often as I usually do but I have been a WRECK all this week!!! I got a lot to talk about once my head is right...