Friday, January 18, 2008

Special thanks to...

I definitely need to shoutout my buddy Yellow Rebel for designing the headline for Inner City Truths... much respect for the his assistance b/c that section was definitely naked lol

Also all this social/political talk would not be complete without the help of my upcoming collection enititled
Restock Narratives.
It's a collection of short narratives addressing some of the issues touched in my pieces as well as other concerns of mine but with a twist...

of course I can fill you in on that twist people so you MUST wait patiently in the upcoming months when they premier on
Makes Me Wanna Be A Writer.

until then it's Eye D. turning in my time card saying see you ppl in Febuary!!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Last Piece (For Now)

I hate to say it peoples but we have reached the end to our political/social segment. I must return to my drawing board and create some new PiEcEs discussing more social issues and politics for the '08, and believe me the ideas have been conceived in my mind but i just haven't put them onto paper just yet. i know most writers can relate when you have this crazy topic but you just cannot gather the words or the most innovative stylistic approach for it to be a great piece, better than the previous piece you wrote. but anyways, stay tuned for when these complete perceptions of mine premier on (Makes Me Wanna Be A Writer) . come through next month when i showcase the old, the new, and most certainly more inner city truths-

last piece is simply a wake up call to all my "revolutionary" folk and the people who simply complain too damn much about EVERYTHING and it NEVER results in needed action. you can dicuss it and read about it as much as you want but if you are not executing it out on the streets, workplace, classroom, church, or wherever a revolution needs take place, then the studying and talking doesn't really measure up, am i right?

Check it out, let me know what you think... i'm out - PEacE

Track #5: On Demand

the revolution will not be televised

the struggle will paralyze our eyes

so what's the use in filmin'

the screenplay you wrote

tells the story of how

corruptness and demise lies in the hands, mouths, and minds of children

but we overlooked the many triflin men and women

how can the babies change

without proper intervention and instruction

instead genuinely noting their strengths over flaws is something we refuse to mention

oh this fault and vile music and television

but we simply change the station

rather than take the effort to fix the shoddy reception

so quick to blame ALL the downfall on Bush

but that's what you hide behind

wannabee revolutionaries and you you simple minded heedless beings

ya'll not performing o-s-c-a-r material

as empowering m-i-n-d-s's

and yet you say to me you filming gripping documentaries

sadly i thought these were pornos

but who knows

cuz lying around, moaning and groaning

and working my pointer finger

is something i can do myself

but slothiness and ignorance is bad for one's health

but here's the difference between me and you

I'm actually gonna bring upliftment back

having all people proudto sport a self determination backpack

see many of us are missing out on the most critical meal of the day

and I'm not talking breakfast my friends

I'm talking hearty bowls of kinship and compassion

with tall glasses of healthy insight

so please forgive me for not being at all polite

but ya'll know what i'm sayingis indeed valid and right

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Please Put the Kids to BED!!!

It's BJ Eye D. Clein aka Mel O. Mind bringin' to you oldschool and new school pieces from my crates. Up next we have a PiEcE entitled, "Snooze- Keeping in the nightmare alive" that dropped during the summer of '06.

Everywhere I turned the topic of being on the DL was being discussed. I figured why not add my two cents because the issue needs to not go ignored because relationships and most importantly people's health are being put in jeopardy, and I know i would not want to be with a man who was on the DL. and also this goes out to the young people. i have noticed more and more kids and teens are saying that they are homosexual one minute then go back to being straight or vice versa. their physical appearance and demeanor changes as well, however i am not convinced that sooo many of these young people are indeed homosexual. if you are truly homosexual then be proud of who you are do not be sexually involved with both sexes and remain in the closet. but if you are claiming it becuase it appears to be some kind of fad then stop it and truly think about whether or not you truly are. no one gay or straight deserves to be hurt so really think about it before you go yelling out you are gay. This piece may offend some but that goes to show that I succeeded in expressing how I feel about it and remember i'm on the outside looking in, i'm not saying whatever i say goes, however just hear me out ok?

Check it out...

Track #4: Snooze- Keeping the nightmare alive

now hear me out ok

i been keeping this from all of you too long

now this is what i'm gonna do

after watching thousands of you

do this

ima leave the dick

cuz i'm so sick

since it's late in arrival anyway

ima become psychologically confused

(talkin as if i were a dude)

or lip lock with

drag thugs at the cervix

but my boyfriend or girlfriend

can't know this

but since i'm not gay but secretly

why can't they help me find my way

instead of listening to the nonsense i say

everytime i go away

matter fact i'll win the oscar

for being halle berry's twin sunrise

then jamie foxx's brother at night

or vice versa

which ever one fots for ya

but i guess you all compare

to ray

since you remain blinded to see

who you hurtin except the lips and a-holes

of the bi-curious or a gullible confused virgin

you are just lyin to your kin

but then again

i'm on the outside lookin in

you claim when you creepin

you strap

but c'mon people it's a trap

cuz if that were the case

you'd be fully aware

of what damage could be done

but instead you rather enjoy

the cummings and goings of DNA

that has full potential of becoming mutanated

and overwhelmed with AIDS

and i'm not talking about helpful assistants either

so at this moment ima shave the head

munch on infantile girls

and wear fitteds and sagging denims

ima get those stillettos and hoops

and let my dick tear apart other dudes


all while wearing a dress

maintaining a silky smooth hair texture

but let me first change my gestures

stereotyping my so called proteges hand motions, voices, ans swaggers

just to prove to myself i

indeed denied myself

tht being God molded me into

which i guess was not true


for me to live up to

but check this

i knock what you do

cuz it's not thought all the way through

my brotha

my dude

my sista

young woman

why you got to





a true woman

or the essence of a man








women living as spermless men

and men as eggless women

who aren't true

with it

is nonsense

that needs to

come out of


just cuz you haven't found that woman or man

been hurt before

or confused about you are

doesn't mean you have to be selfish and untrue

to those surrounding you

why do i, and fellow women and men

got to suffer

long term

for your lack of concern




this here is a wake up call

cuz if you all

truly want that committment

why struggle and deny forever trying to deface

your mind, body, and soul to

live a false and guaranteed resentment

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Had to take of some business...

What's going on peoples... it's BJ Eye D. Clein or Mel O. Mind on the 1s and 2s bringin to you the oldschool and newschool social/politicals pieces from yours truly...ME haha

Next up I have a PiEcE dated back to 2005 entitled, This is Just To Say. I was at the point in my life where i was just tired of the conformity amongst my peers. i was fed up giving into to it but had no clue what my next move was going to be in regard to developing my own unique distinctive persona. let's just say that if I was the valedictorian of my high school class, this would have been my speech!!!

All i gotta say is... check it out

Track #3: This is Just to Say

Lemme tell you a true story
once upon a time I jotted down mental notes
on ALL that surpassed me
so don't be misconstrued thinkin I was once zoned out
cuz to your surprise
all that you classify as your actual features
makes all you frauds ugly unnatural creatures
so Ima pause after sayin this
the masks most of you wear is my #1 pet peeve
you see I'm from a city that supposedly reads
by 9
but everyday I observe girls constantly denying giving dudes cat scans on
their knees
at the drop of a dime
oh- and the kids here idolize weed
or claiming the proverbial streets or idolizing unrelective compact
or maybe just wishing to be
politically charged wannabees
oh and to all you artsy frauds- yea i noticed
don't claim you learned the art game from Ms.Z
Damn- it's like popularity is what young people die to be
but your #1 strive is to be part of another stereotypical posse
but the hypothetical question is
how can this be
where's the diversity
people wanting to break out the box when they simply being ducked taped in
being trapped, sealed down forever, never allowing their lives to begin
the wish to exist
young sir, young ma'am- what is this
you not radicals, thugs, or elegant misses
you just an illusion
like NaS said, "the doctors are prescripting us with the poison"
"thugs" vs wannabees
but you dudes especially kill me
sex, fronts, and blunts are pieces of another MC's lyrical evidence
proving that your lives
consist of this harsh mindblowing struggle
but people my metamorphosis
into the factual ME and my low expectations about
my future and it's success
i can barely juggle
I'm not completely knocking your personas
so don't take full offense
i'm simply delivering hard criticism
and hopefully does of wisdom
cuz Nuckin' and Buckin' is what statistics expect for you to
gain all junk knowledge from
80s gear and heels don't mean you got a modeling gig
or a catchy eye for that fashion thing
natural full grown hair
don't mean you suddenly racially or politically aware
or got an artisitc poetic glare
on concerns
since you gave up your showers and perms
I tell you- this need for existence
makes me wanna pull the plug on all you
no wonder me belonging to this sick generation
is on life support
but for you people all twisted and confused
in the mind like a closet homo configuring a rubric's cube
I won't pull the plug or about
but as a friend would say to you young kids
since nothing is being said, you got nothing
to say except, "yea well, this true"
escape alive from the maze
snap out of this mimicking scared daze
I know it's a turbulent path
but out minds and originality is really all that we have

Monday, January 7, 2008

2nd track on the list...

OK WOW!!!! I take back me being subtle lol

... then again i was a charged infuriated teen back in 04 just beginning to get my toes wet with this thing we call writing

next up we have a PiEcE entitled Political Activism at its best dating back to '04 as well. Not as angry as the Forcast piece but it has just as much passion and emotion behind it... Enjoy it peoples!!!

Track #2: Political Activism at its best

Uncle Sam!!!

here I am
I'm waiting for my daily fuck over
nevermind I want
your shit dumped gradually on me
into my unwelcoming cranium
you raped my mother- claiming
later we would have the best
well long social division, no compassion, courtesy truckloads of offensive expression
and reruns of arrests and unrest
is all i ever wanted !
I give you countless fiscal blowjobs
and never got a sincere call back or even one in return
instead what i receive?!
no regards
just strangled of my rights
by being thrown front and center
in this gruesome lifelong plight
or rather a victim of the conflict
you maliciously sauteed
within my biographical wok


you want me alright
to go back to Africa
become E.T. to another land
but phoning home has become a bore
as I remain one of your countless whores
giving you large revenues for duties well done
watching you become rich
or rather
a deceitful cruel son of a bitch
Uncle- I pass on your countless molests, rapes
muggings of my originality, dignity, and content
I decline donating to your unbeneficial foundation
your notoriety makes me wanna regurgitate all
my disdain onto your
questionable creation
you call a democratic civilization!!!

1st track coming up...

This PiEcE came onto the scene around fall '04. the fate and the behavior of the youth ad adults in my neighborhood and nationwide was and still is sickening me. many are not on the right path depending on sex for happiness but it's resulting in mindlessness and deadly illnesses. i was and still am irate not only becuase the youth are not motivated enough to go the extra mile and overcome obstacles eventually seeing success but that many adults simply gave up on us assuming that we weren't teachable or reachable so it was useless in trying to intervene and make a difference. so this is why at the age of 17 i was inspired to become an educator.

Also i'm giving brief rants on other issues such as the the national holiday, Patriot's Day, and other random issues...

I went into my room and wrote, arranged, produced, and kept this piece on hold b/c at the time i was very selfconscious about the reaction i would recieve from the public. Now it's a new day I got ish to say sooo read it and hear me out ok?

Track # 1: The Forcast for the 21st century

Ladies snatch up your kids
fellas board up your windows
I don't think none of ya'll in store for
what ya'll bout to witness
soon hurricane intellect will cause
mental damage
emotional panic
but thought winds won't kill ya
but rather knock out your non electrical power of thinking
then leave you in a stupa

So here's what I been contemplatin'
I don't expect much understandin'
9/11 Patriot's day, the day for unified dreams
but I call the celebration halloween
cuz you frauds put on scary costumes every year
impressin each other
tryin to win the contest of who can be the phoniest most predictable
in this crumbling dwelling beyond the tundra

Enough said- what's worse

little dudes and little girls sucking triple thick cum shakes out
of a used dick or vaginal straw
then bitch and moan when the dirty a-holes never again call
don't attack me sayin I' m rude
cuz you and me both know it's true
to my surprise you probably the ones doin it too!!
this is the downspiral
not the ones pinned up on a little girl's head
but what's occuring in this hectic habitat
no one understands however Jadakiss asked me
is that
but I couldn't give him an answer

Ew- dudes and females breakin off each other on the low
with a quick jab
as if they a soft shell crab
ripping hard
spreading thighs painfully
but then eject like a vhs tape

most of them are stumped
as to whether they want paper or plastic
paper being what's being compensated materialistically before after or during a
brief fuck
for a crumbled buck
hardly accepting plastics so they can use it
as a shield of elastics
to prevent some sexual bug that could last and last
soon killing their fleshy keypad...

The Not So Quiet Fire...

What's going on peoples it's BJ (Blog Jockey) Eye D. Clein (Pronounced I Decline) or Mel O. Mind (which ever name you dig more refer to me as that) on the cyber 1s and 2s bringin' to you oldschool and newschool writings from the crates which are otherwise known as my journals and sketchpads...

This segment I wish to share with ya'll some political/social and quasi political/social writings, throwbacks as well as fresh new ish. I'm not your typical poet or BJ (blog jockey) meaning that when I speak about politics and social issues it's not as blunt or conrete as another poet's piece. I put people on blast no doubt but I try to be subtle with the blasting lol. Vocally i can bring the noise if i must but since writing is my forte (and i just cannot speak b4 i write) I go about discussing politics and the social goings on adding my own innovative poetic/creative language as well as my smooth yet agressive swagger better on paper than through my vocal chords right on the spot...

With all the worldwide political and social uprisings these past several months, it's only right that bring to you my views on the goings on that makes me wanna play with a bic and papermate and have them bust something worthwhile onto unwashable white and blue plaid sheets lol...

By the way as a side note, I have a way with words and metaphors so if it's too much for you simply click on the tab that says next blog... GOT ME? GOODY!!!

Enough said let's begin this segment!!!