Saturday, February 23, 2008

Shoutouts to...

Black Nerds Network shouted ME out this past weekend.. sending the love right back

check out their page...

Thursday, February 21, 2008


This goes out to all my lefties who had difficulty using scissors, had to sit at right handed chairs with the fold out desk struggling to write comfortably, been told we do everything weird and backwards... it's alRIGHT to use the Left!!!

August 13. Mark your calandars... We got our own holiday!!!

little known discriminatory fact (dedicated to all left handed people)

who do you think you talking to

having the audacity to

even refer to us
















south paw

ineft freaks?

using my left

was no choice

but rather my destiny

you see, I conceive my poetic

babies utilizing my ovulating right brain

but birth them with the surrogate left hand

not ain't that insane my man

so just let it be

and never again









on something so irrelevant as to how

we operate a pen

as a matter of fact

let this petition

seep into your infantile brains

while you at your work desks

designing more

applicable pairs

of scissors

for us

Mister and Mrs.

the authors and inventors of these left handed disses

so today i give you the little known discriminatory fact

brought to you in part by

Websters, La Rousse, and American Heritage

dictionaries and thesauruses

whose slogan is

"disguised unintelligence is our route to crooked excellence."

The Countdown Begins...

Finger Forms (ebonics to the language of hand signs)

That's right I paid homage to fingers... SO WHAT?! That is what writing is all about creativity. It's a bit exhausting writing about social issues and love all the time...

Hey did you



With high top nails are for the junkies

Who enjoy plowing up snow

Thumbs up thumbs down

Is how we rate our movies and cds

Coming in and out of Hollywood town

That beautiful ring finga

When fully clothed

Is the one I flaunt to the brotha or sista

Who are too afraid to get it dressed in front of a minista

My pointer

I use it when it’s necessary

But when I pull that trigger

Ring, pinky, and that middle child aim directly at me

So that’s when I have to shoot an

F You right back

I guarantee

You never knew F You + the snitching finger

Was a double negative

That’s right as well left

Cuz when used together

It reads PEACE

A universal positive

A mutual sign of respect

As I point that pointer finger to the sky

With my thumb resting on its side

It best describes the sleepy guys

Who COULD NOT just pass me by

You’d think they get it

Cuz my ring finger is looking down


While middle child is saying F You on the low

And pinky- well be bonding with it is a no no

So his head is always down to the ground

But when all my skinny fingers are huddled together

Protecting the thumb

And raised

Like a wage

In air

Man that is Finger Forms at its finest

But only when used correctly be the most sincere and wisest

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Headline of the Week...

I was so excited when I read this but also a little let down that this is not happening in NYC... No need to worry I guess I need to pay a visit to the Nation's Capital!!!

August will arrive March 4-April 6

If you are in or plan to be in the D.C area


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It Still Is A LONG Time Coming...

OK is it just me or are we long overdue for the RESURGENCE of:

- The Harlem Renaissance (Harlem does not have to be its birthplace for the 2nd time, but damn we haven't had one as monumental since the great depression... not to discredit the novelists, artists, poets, and freethinkers who came and brought and still bring the noise (vocal/written/painted) following its demise in 1935)

- Genre of Music and its accompanying Culture that will once again take the WORLD (not city or region) by storm (we had Jazz, Blues, Country, Rock n' Roll, Pop, Soul, Funk, and Hip-Hop so when/where/how will the next genre be born)

- An Alliance just as strong as the Black Panthers (where's the black panthers of this generation hiding... not the posers or confused who are all talk, fashion, and minimal action but the REAL revolutionaries)

(title of photo- "ain't got much time ya'll")

These were the only ones I could come up with as for right now.
if you have more... don't hesitate to add on

Thursday, February 14, 2008

this a fly love piece pt.1

... it's only right

dedicated to my future dude

my muse's artistry is nothing like canvas. this week's sale at Target is more on point than his sometime's off logic. if the 10pm sky is black, than his soul must be a segregated colored. if his follicles were words, long and thick dictionaries and thesauruses would sprout from his scalp. trust i've seen unattended canine in neglected alleys, aggressive and passive, but no such thing exists in his newborn pup eyes. and with all the new car smells, it's funny that there's more freshness in the thrift store showers my baby soaks me with. i adore his POV, but i'm certain common sense has a stronger philosophy. i haven't bumped into Halle Berrys. my form is uniform from my new growth to nonexistent toe corns. seriously. but listen, my satisfying glass of passion fruit is just as sweet and chic than any 40 something icon or mixed beauty who's idolized ridiculously

Saturday, February 2, 2008

BEEF... with a twist

Alright People I got 2 contestants coming up... you can consider them the originators of BEEF

But these two respectable men weren't arguing over street cred and other superficial attributes that we have begun to believe personifies who we are

these elite dudes were beefing over higher education regarding the black community...


Jim Crow was a household name in America
Plessy vs Ferguson informed African Americans that they were Separate BUT Equal


both advocated for it
but disagreed over how it should be conducted and what forms of study would greatly benefit the scholars in the long run

this beef over how and what college-bound African Americans should pursue that would later benefit them professionally in the real world resulted in the 2 brothas attacking each other's ideologies, dignity, and credibilty in the Black community

so i present to you

our 1st industrial fighter hailing from Hale's Ford Virginia

and our 2nd liberal arts fighter hailing Great Barrington Massachusetts

Booker T. VS

Both had strongpoints and weaknesses concerning HIGHER LEARNING

...But who would you choose?

(Just a thought but think about it)

By the Way...


All about the Raisin

Diddy just had to leave his mark one of my favorite plays adapted into a movie didn't he?

Ok, I take that back. For right now that is...

In case you didn't know, A Raisin in the Sun is one of my favorite plays later adapted into a film. Think about it. The late playwright, Lorraine Hansberry, an African American, was the first to have her play debut on broadway let alone have it transform into a monumental film which is still highly regarded as a groundbreaking masterpiece in the theatre circuit to this day.

Febuary 25th is the day where Mr. Combs's acting skills will be put to the test. I wonder will he bring to life the character of Walter Lee Younger just as well as Sidney Poitier did in the 1959 play and 1961 film, or will his acting debut/performance lead to another blog entry... one of dissappointment


I was watching TV today and usually I simply ignore the commericals.... however this particular commerical caught not just my eye but my whole entire body!!!!!



It will be in my hands before the end of the week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I figure since I probably will not be able to go back to B-more to see her in concert 2/26, the dvd is just as good!!!!