Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mel O. Mind Recommends

So my homie Legs suggested that I check out this documentary entitled "The Providence Effect". She's fully aware of my passion for stellar urban education where the youth (mainly our minorities), reap all the benefits on a long term basis. I took her word that I would love it and checked it out.

Legs was right, I definitely enjoyed this film. What I most admired was that the president of Providence St. Mel located in Chicago's Westside, Paul J. Adams III, argued that all schools should have these similar ideologies. Instilling into students' minds during elementary school the importance of attending college and not only during 11th and 12th grade as well as teaching rigorous yet beneficial academics should not be seen as innovative, it needs to be mandatory! These students by the completion of high school are all accepted into college, and many go on to attend Ivy League and/or First Tier institutions. How impressive is that?!

The school's history since 1971 was very interesting. From its struggle to remain open to creating a branch of charter schools throughout Chicago, this school's academic and disciplinary ideologies has gotten many with a eye for education's attention.

The film was great, however I wish during the segments in which we saw the teachers in action, they featured a Language Arts course since that is my field. Also since 100% of the students are being accepted into college, I wanted hear from the guidance counselor and college advisor on their involvement and process. Other than that, I was impressed with what I saw and I recommend seeing it.

PS--- What is going on in the CHI right now?!!?!??!?!

2 word droppings:

Citizen Ojo said...

I haven't heard about this film. Once again someone in the mainstream is trying to keep me from hearing about these films. Okay maybe I'm laying on the conspiracy thing to thick but I gotta blame someone...don't I?

Eye D. VS Mel O. said...

Oh most definitely! If it weren't for my friend I would still be in the dark. Not to mention the bad thing about films like these is that they are not lying when they say only shown in limited theaters. However, I do recommend checking it out when you can.