Friday, January 8, 2010

Heroin for Dummies...for DUMMIES

My personal favorite: "Don't always inject in the same spot" (I mean really don't we all know that already?! Isn't that why some addicts go as far as to inject in their necks, feet, and/or genetalia?!)

So I was in the waiting room with my pops, and CNN was doing a spotlight on a
"This is what you need to be doing" guide (Take Charge Take Care) for heroin. I'm sitting there saying to pops, "what do you mean a proper way to use heroin?!" He just laughed and continued to read the Sports Illustrated from 2006. I'm telling you, this pamphlet would not escape my mind. I did some research and found out that $32,000 of taxpayers' money was spent to create the 70,000 copies that would be for distribution. I'm not even gonna go there about how this is absurd on so many different levels but let me just say that... my homegirl who works in the field of drug abuse/HIV ironically makes this salary!!!

Not only that, but what user you know is gonna sit there and fully read this pamphlet, hightlight important sections, and let it marinate?! You also mean to tell me that the drug dealers are gonna inlude this in the nickel and dime bags letting their customers know that "Look you better read this guide cuz if you OD, your family better not come after me cuz it ain't my fault you ain't read the guide!" Um right!

I don't give a flyin you know what if the guide is meant to limit the startling amount of overdoses from the smack. Guidebook or not, at the end of the day you still using heroin!

PS- check out the full pamphlet here and drop some words on the blog


3 word droppings:

Citizen Ojo said...

I'm glad to see you back... You have been missed...

Eye D. VS Mel O. said...

thanks Ojo I'm trying my best but grad school and work ain't no joke but i'm going to be more active o here, hopefully

finefroghair said...

when I'm down and out
I give Heroin a shout
boy it does feel good
like I knew it would

Heroin is the king
makes you wanna sing
never read no book
shit I'm on the hook

how to shoot it straight
isn't that just great
thanks for the advice
boy it sure was nice

what will they write next
why not a gun shooting text
how they waste our dough
your right it sure does blow