Monday, March 3, 2008

Happy Women's History Month

I want to start this month off right by introducing a piece I wrote late last night and tweaked it during my morning classes. As a writer, it feels so good to have the subject and its accompanying words hit you like a bullet. i was supoosed to be writing two essays last night but the inspiration honestly came from outta nowhere. i'm not going to sit here and try to figure out from where it originated... I 'm just going to share it with my bloggers

Shouts to Sojourner Truth and her mission and intellegence for this one
Let's just say this is "Ain't I a Woman?" for 2008
My first Feminist piece so please be gentle with the criticism lol


You see that male over there? talkin' all sorts of somethin. which one? sweety it doesn't matter. he claims that females gotta be right in the right bodily regions, sprout pretty hair follicles even it be extensions from the Koreans, own bed sheets hand washed by freaks, mold the streets with the stillettoes worn on our feet. what about me? ima female, right? c'mon check me out my dear. hear my vernacular? i sought and conquered my intellect from imperialist males. who i speak of? no one in particular. been a lady up and through these boulevards, avenues, and streets even when a-holes treated me like feces but not once did i flush away the dignity and lady in me. ima female, right? my bedspreads do not resemble sperm banks. ima female, right? yet when males realize this they take business else place tellin me no thanks. it's the sweetness in me to sit and ponder when life goes sours. ima female, right? i had 5 strange males assault me on a crowded bus, did not fuss, but when ME and this tool i chisel words with soaked up pages upon pages of tissue paper, only GOD could offer me more. ima female, right? i witness my mommy get shortchanged countless times by a miser husband. so i read the instructions on how to pause and reset my life watch, written in a language incomprehensible so that i could help repair hers though she believes it to be impossible. ima female, right? i deported my mind and soul from a place i was alien to. ima female, right? males you say i got the look but but at the same time i'm not a female.
then just what the hell am i then?!

a female is an organism
that refridgerates cartons of eggs to produce
which is indeed
who I be
so um male
move your head
i'm having difficulty
seeing the MAN who wishes
to reitterate to YOU AND ME
genuine womanhood
which is too often misunderstood

4 word droppings:

Stakes is High AKA Professor P said...

Be sure to check out some stuff that we'll be doing on OTWB in regards to Women's History Month. Good blog though

Yellow Rebel said...

Eye D. ringing in the new month the right way!

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

u picked a great one, u should do m home girl Ida B. wells next

Eye D. VS Mel O. said...

@prof p: oh you best believe i'll check that out
@yellow rebel: and you know this man!!!
@torrance: i should look into it... we shall see how the next one evolves