Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Here's Some Peppermints... You Need Them!!!

I want to put the spotlight on a new arts collective I had the opportunity to witness debut into the art world this past Friday in South Philly. The collective goes by the name of The Peppermint. It was created and is currently moderated by my buddy Johnston Michaels aka "The Black Willy Wonka". The aim of the project is to showcase unique art to the world by means of music, acting, spoken word, photography, film, fashion design, and simply philosophical viewpoints. Those who a part of this dope collective are college students from both Philly and NYC, so this means when posse meets either here or in Philly expect to have a good time watching others share their talents and receive oodles of support from such welcoming and good spirited people.
As a close friend to many of the members and as a supporter of the collective, it is only right that I show some love for my people on my blog

Kudos to Johnston, The Peppermint and the Cider and Pie Party 2-29-08
(I made hot apple cider ya'll and I do not even care for cider, however it was delicious and the guests loved it!)

Check out their Myspace Here (give it a look see!)

The Pepperment= Phun, Phunky, Phresh, Phull of Life