Thursday, November 6, 2008

White Supremacists Breaking Racial Barriers... UM RIGHT!

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Once I saw this photo and its accompanying article, I knew instantly that it was
DEAR time (Drop Everything And Read).

So from what I read, even these white supremacists are anti-McCain (sort of). I must admit, their explanations for "liking or admiring" Obama intrigued me. As long as he is a Black Racist, advocates global separatism, does not acquire a white woman as the grand prize for "making it", yet gets us out of war then he is exceptional. However, several argue he isn't "black enough" because of his ethnic roots, and just might forsake the black community in order to please white folk, and of course my favorite... no one really wants a black president (no one = many white folk) but are just afraid to openly admit to it and will secretly vote republican though they are registered democrats.

White Supremacists are interesting people... they never cease to acquire an acute amount of my attention,amuse, agitate, yet anger me

Atleast they are blunt with their absurd ignorant views

Quotes for Your Pleasure:

"The corporations are running things now, so it’s not going to make much difference who's in there, but McCain would be much worse. He’s a warmonger. He’s a scary, scary person--more dangerous than Bush. Obama, according to his book, Dreams Of My Father, is a racist and I have no problem with black racists. I’ve got the quote right here: 'I found a solace in nursing a pervasive sense of grievance and animosity against my mother’s white race."

"I don’t think America wants a black president. Most of them are too afraid to say that they believe the way I believe. They sit around their dinner table and talk the way I do, but when they get out in public, they have two faces and show the other face. When people are voting in the booth privately, they’ll vote Republican even if they’re a Democrat."

"I give Obama credit, he seems to have stuck to his guns as far as pulling the troops out of Iraq. He’s a very intelligent man, an excellent speaker and has charisma. John McCain offers none of that. Perhaps the best thing for the white race is to have a black president. My only problem with Obama is perhaps he’s not black enough."

"we have a black man, who loves his own kind, belongs to a Black-Nationalist religion, is married to a black women--when usually negroes who have 'made it' immediately land a white spouse as a kind of prize--that’s the kind of negro that I can respect. Any time that a prominent person embraces their racial heritage in a positive manner, it’s good for all racially minded folks."

"Every black leader that has some form of power has given black people false hope, when in fact, the closer they get to the white establishment, the more they become an actual enemy to black people. Black people need to move away from the establishment and towards a moral change. As for Obama, first of all, he’s not even a black man in the terms of what real black people consider a black man."

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