Monday, June 22, 2009

Digital Archeological Digs: Discovery #4

You know when artists (specifically musicians) say they wish to paint pictures with their words and/or sounds? I just discovered that some artists wish to write, produce, and direct realistic films with their words and/or sounds. Introducing the Golden Epoch of "Cinematic Soul".

I was web record store browsing, and I came across El Michels Affair, a band hailing from
Where Brooklyn At, New York
. The sound is contemporary vintage, soul/jazz, and cinematic all in one. Genuine instrumentation with minimal technology, even though I still love a dope pro tools/fruity loops creation from a sample! As I was vibin to "Sounding Out the City" and "Enter the 37th Chamber", it was like listening to a movie soundtrack, you know the classic masterpieces that were well orchestrated and reflected the sequence of events in the actual film ie. Supafly, Trouble Man, Shaft, Claudine, etc.

(click photos to hear the tunes)

It was 1 thing that this sound was from this decade. It was another thing that this sound was from an actual band. And it was a whole new thing that I was able to fit these soundtracks into the autobiographical documentary I showcase on a daily!

Check out those two albums. Porque? Cuz I said so!


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