Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It Still Is A LONG Time Coming...

OK is it just me or are we long overdue for the RESURGENCE of:

- The Harlem Renaissance (Harlem does not have to be its birthplace for the 2nd time, but damn we haven't had one as monumental since the great depression... not to discredit the novelists, artists, poets, and freethinkers who came and brought and still bring the noise (vocal/written/painted) following its demise in 1935)

- Genre of Music and its accompanying Culture that will once again take the WORLD (not city or region) by storm (we had Jazz, Blues, Country, Rock n' Roll, Pop, Soul, Funk, and Hip-Hop so when/where/how will the next genre be born)

- An Alliance just as strong as the Black Panthers (where's the black panthers of this generation hiding... not the posers or confused who are all talk, fashion, and minimal action but the REAL revolutionaries)

(title of photo- "ain't got much time ya'll")

These were the only ones I could come up with as for right now.
if you have more... don't hesitate to add on

1 word droppings:

Yellow Rebel said...

-The Harlem Renaissance in itself could be looked at as a double-edged sword. Sure there was an prolific amount of writing, and music, but it didn't do a whole lot to amend the egregious social disadvantages that Blacks faced. However, it did help lay the ground work for Civil Rights movements in the North which in itself became epitomized as an American renaissance. But going back the the HR--take for instance the Cotton Club. It helped establish the careers of Duke Ellington and Dorothy Danridge, all while playing to a white audience

-I wonder myself. Of course everything works in cycles, and maybe whatever comes next will be a highly evolved version of something else

-HA! read this http://onthewritersblock.blogspot.com/2007/08/new-black-panthers.html
I wrote in August