Saturday, February 2, 2008

BEEF... with a twist

Alright People I got 2 contestants coming up... you can consider them the originators of BEEF

But these two respectable men weren't arguing over street cred and other superficial attributes that we have begun to believe personifies who we are

these elite dudes were beefing over higher education regarding the black community...


Jim Crow was a household name in America
Plessy vs Ferguson informed African Americans that they were Separate BUT Equal


both advocated for it
but disagreed over how it should be conducted and what forms of study would greatly benefit the scholars in the long run

this beef over how and what college-bound African Americans should pursue that would later benefit them professionally in the real world resulted in the 2 brothas attacking each other's ideologies, dignity, and credibilty in the Black community

so i present to you

our 1st industrial fighter hailing from Hale's Ford Virginia

and our 2nd liberal arts fighter hailing Great Barrington Massachusetts

Booker T. VS

Both had strongpoints and weaknesses concerning HIGHER LEARNING

...But who would you choose?

(Just a thought but think about it)

By the Way...


3 word droppings:

Don said...

Great and unique post. Dramatic too. lol.

Isn't that something? Two black men in a debate over something that actually mattered? I'm shocked. Nah seriously, I can only imagine the extent of the intelligence of these two human beings.

Who would I choose? Me, I'd take a little education from the both of 'em.

Stakes is High AKA Professor P said...

As far as the Du Bois/Washington debate, I have to side with Du Bois, mainly cuz he wasn't an accommodationist the way Washington wanted to be. He did that for the public eye, which I can understand, however his life was cut short, so it'd have been interesting to see where his head would've been if he lived longer.

Du Bois had an evolution as he continued on his intellectual journey, and it's clearly evident if you look at say The Souls Of Black Folk in comparison to his other works. That's his most prized work, but I don't think he would've wanted it that way. That was very early in his career, and by the 1920s, his views drastically changed. I think he felt whites just needed to know more about blacks, which would end racism and all its ills. However black soldiers were being hung in their uniforms after WWI, and on top of that, you see the resurgence of the KKK during this time.

Check out Darkwater and his essay "The Souls of White Folk" for more info. Du Bois was the only man who had a real agenda which would have have a great effect on the black community. Sadly no one paid attention to him at that time, and even now...

Eye D. VS Mel O. said...

@ don: yea same here both had their points

@professor p: yea i figured his views would mature considering following souls of black folk in 1903 he lived another 60 years and most likely changed or strengthened his views like we humans do thoughout our growing up. thanks for the info much appreciated