Thursday, February 21, 2008

Finger Forms (ebonics to the language of hand signs)

That's right I paid homage to fingers... SO WHAT?! That is what writing is all about creativity. It's a bit exhausting writing about social issues and love all the time...

Hey did you



With high top nails are for the junkies

Who enjoy plowing up snow

Thumbs up thumbs down

Is how we rate our movies and cds

Coming in and out of Hollywood town

That beautiful ring finga

When fully clothed

Is the one I flaunt to the brotha or sista

Who are too afraid to get it dressed in front of a minista

My pointer

I use it when it’s necessary

But when I pull that trigger

Ring, pinky, and that middle child aim directly at me

So that’s when I have to shoot an

F You right back

I guarantee

You never knew F You + the snitching finger

Was a double negative

That’s right as well left

Cuz when used together

It reads PEACE

A universal positive

A mutual sign of respect

As I point that pointer finger to the sky

With my thumb resting on its side

It best describes the sleepy guys

Who COULD NOT just pass me by

You’d think they get it

Cuz my ring finger is looking down


While middle child is saying F You on the low

And pinky- well be bonding with it is a no no

So his head is always down to the ground

But when all my skinny fingers are huddled together

Protecting the thumb

And raised

Like a wage

In air

Man that is Finger Forms at its finest

But only when used correctly be the most sincere and wisest

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