Sunday, December 7, 2008

Cops keep degradin' us in our environment

So Michael Mineo was assaulted and sodomized by three officers in the Prospect Park subway station in BK on Oct.15. The weapon of choice was in the form of an officer's baton. It was announced yesterday that the officers will be indicted on these charges as the case continues in the upcoming days. One officer came forward and said he saw the ring leader, Richard Kern, assault Mineo with the baton. Even a transit officer, witnessed this grotesque form of brutality. However, Kern CLAIMS he did nothing wrong, but yet this dude was accused and acquitted of course of excessive force back in 2007. And one of his "comrades" claims that he did not use the baton as an act of sodomy but "placed" or "pushed" it against his buttocks.
C'mon are they freakin' serious right now?! So what sodomy is now synonymous to brutality which is all ready bad enough?
To be blunt with ya'll it won't be a surprise if they are acquitted. But I'll keep you posted on any updates

2 word droppings:

CocaCha said...

how about when he was leaving the courtroom off duty officers blew kisses at him and called him derogatory names accusing him of being gay(you know which ones they used)...if the cops are supposed to protect us yet they act like this, then what does that mean for us? sad...

Eye D. VS Mel O. said...

this is exactly why more and more people are losing respect for anyone with an ounce of authority. if they are not assaulting us physically they damn sure doing it economically and politically and etc just by being currupt gradually destroying society.

sad to say but if the officers are acquitted i won't be shocked