Thursday, December 11, 2008

Not Food 4 Thought but a Tall Glass of Insight

Being Fuel Positive in the USA

You and your
2 and 4 door
are being pimped and infected
by these gonorrheic gasoline
premium diesel or regular
they all rancid and recycled
yet people still
line up like unemployment
lookin’ for a blow or hand job
damn you enjoy riskin’ your
economic health
all for a car?
I thought I was writin’ this
Fresh kicks
But this epidemic is serious
As an advocate for protection
America,invest in some foot, bicycle, or MTA contraception

Inspiration: Brian DiNonno's "Slave to the Grave"

2 word droppings:

Donte said...

A dream deferred, vehicular tendecies I'm scurred
I reek of propane, blinded by the rain
Of ones that cascade from grim skies
And old political guys washed in the backwash of Wall St.
I can't even catch a ride in these streets
That are bare and cold
Like the first porridge so...
I walk on
Embarking on a footpedal race, chase around the city for fuel
Few have plenty while Iraq has many
people dying from semis for oil
There's blood in the soil
1,000 degrees that burns inside, makes blood boil and tempers flare
This is the race of the tortoise and the hare
This country's on E and we're not prepared
No spare tire or gas can
Instead we take and kill man, woman, and children on Pakistan and Iran
I seen Shells and Tigers and I ran for cover
Our gas tank is wide open with no cover
So all the lies and scandal drips out in these slick streets
Where cars slip and slide and screech
The noise is deafening so I'm definitely riding my bike
Fueled by God's will and my might
As well take Mark, Tony, and Anthony's offers for a chance to rest my feet
There's innocent lives depleted in these streets
The gas is gone and these cars got to eat

Eye D. VS Mel O. said...