Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Fly 5

Shouts to Citizen Ojo for nominating me for the award. Seeing that made my day. It's a dope feeling to know people respect what I do let alone read the blog... I'm so touched lol

So here's the Fly 5 for ya mind 1 time!!!
(click on the name to view the blog)

1. Aunt Jemima's Revenge: My muse in the blogosphere. Prof. Tracey is blunt, educated, and witty with the political, racial, and social happenings. My mind packs on the pounds of useful info on a daily!

2. Stuff Fly People Like: My Online Mag covering fashion, music, art, and culture. These dudes have a constant follower. So keep doin' what you do!!!

3. Universoul Productions Weblog: Audio Utopia. The musical downloads and entries are RIDICULOUS!!! Any genre, hip-hop, reggae, brazilian, underground, unreleased, etc... DOPENESS!!! Even though the site has been facing difficulties since September (tears), the older entries are still worth checking out for the visual and audio stimulation

4. The Urban Gent: Why this gem wasn't dug up sooner, I cannot even provide you with an answer. However, this is the illest fashion site thus far and the genious behind it is a lady!
"Don't you stop it, don't you stop, stop the bloggin' Jacinda". All I have to say is ladies do pay attention to men's fashion and it's nothing sexier than a man who can truly dress from the haute hat on his head, to the chic shoes securing his socks. She provides you with the specifics not just look at this outfit and comment.
5. Undercover Black Man: He has such a wide range of posts that grabs just about anyone's attention. The musical, political, historical, and social reads are tall glasses of insight, and I stay thirsty for it. Check the dude out!

1 word droppings:

Anonymous said...

I love all those sites. I have to say my Fav besides this one is Urban Gent. As a upcoming fashion guru, that site change my life.
"SB" keep up the wonderful job. Ur fav groupie, lol.-Expressionz