Friday, October 3, 2008


This debate grabbed my attention much more than the Presidential debate. I am not going to delve into this debate in a shallow demeanor because I want to show a much more serious side to the perception i had of it. Sure, Palin's winking, OD use of the word "maverick", and shoutouts were obnoxious, but I'm putting that aside for a moment. Topics were brought up that made me think, FINALLY we are discussing the issues that I want to hear. However, some were not touched upon to my liking and some issues were not brought up at all, so here are the issues I am passionate about:

1. The Environmental Crisis- So Palin "thinks" that man has partially contributed to the crisis. Biden is confident man is responsible for it. Wherever did he get this idea from?lol We are fully aware that alternative solutions must be thought out completely and implemented asap in order to lessen this crisis, but when will this occur? We need to understand that this is a GLOBAL NOT NATIONAL ISSUE, so this means that world leaders need to come together and tackle this issue and develop a strategy to fix the problem.
By the way... WTF IS AL GORE? (The OG of Energy Conservation and GREEN Advocacy)

2. Healthcare- It needs to be either free or extremely affordable and equal for EVERYONE, employed or unemployed. This is health we are talking about and it's absurd that millions of people in this country are not insured and are negatively reaping the consequences when this can be prevented. The Democratic candidates plan to mandate health insurance making it universal and a government ran program. The GOP plans to issue a $5,000 tax credit for families and $2,500 for individuals enabling families to use the money they receive to purchase their own insurance, no government interference.

3. Education- Most Children Left Behind. The plan simply has no effect in our schools. Test Scores are still low, even though I despise tests being one of the sole means to measuring a child's intelligence and fate in society. Not to mention the achievement gap and hole in the ozone layer have a little something in common. This critical topic has not been touched upon to my liking. We are fully aware that NCLB is unsuccessful and that it needs to be expanded as Palin
mentioned, but where is the HOW factor? It is imperative that textbooks and technology be updated and used effectively by well qualified/ experienced educators. Foreign language needs to an important class along with math, science, and language arts starting in elementary school (Why do most American only know American English and its many jargons?). I know this is random but the HELL happened to geography class?!?!? I can go on and on and on and on about the state of education and how we need to save the babies, but not right now.

4. War in Iraq- Much respect to the troops because no way will I go to the battlefield over something that doesn't need a war to begin with. With that being said, of course we can not magically exit the war however it can't continue. Compromises need to be reached in the Middle East so that both sides can quit the fighting and tackle the more important issues pertaining to their land politically economically and socially.

5. War on Drugs- This war needs to be declared in America RIGHT NOW, being isolationists to it has got to stop

6. Same Sex Marriage- Both parties are not for it. I can easily say this does not affect me whatsoever being a heterosexual, but this affects my friends who are.

7. Child Pornography- This is so sickening to me that adults who are perceived as being protective over children can act in this way, especially men in the cloth. I don't know how this issue can be handled politically as of right now so get back to me on this one

8. College- The cost is astronomical. It needs to be free or ridiculously affordable for EVERYONE, YOUNG OR OLD. We are all entitled to pursue a higher education. I know many people are not cut out for college, but many of us are but do not live in the means to afford to go.

PS- Cheney is the most dangerous VP we ever had... Shouts to Biden

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