Tuesday, October 14, 2008

From the Headphones to the Blog...

Being a self proclaimed ethnomusicologist is not easy. There is so much music out there that I find it quite hard to keep up and be up to date with the dope ish that's out. So I was in Boston this weekend visiting my homie Rachel and she took me to this underground hip store to check it out. I didn't have much money but hey I was going to buy something. I was undergoing melodic withdraw and needed a fix fast. After failed attempts at finding cheap ill mixtapes that were under $10 but sold out, I typed in jazz and came across this ILL ALBUM BY THE JAZZ LIBERATORZ called Clin D'OEIL

it was kinda funny because while I was previewing the album on the computer, it was playing in the store. I was already thinking before I came across the album on my own that whatever was playing was so ill. I kept thinkin', "yo what is that dope album bumpin on the speakers and is it in stock?"

so check it these 3 ill cats from Paris are the masterminds behind the music. they collaborated with american mcs and singers such as buckshot, j live, and asheru and a host of others creating this mmm scrumptious plate of music combining hip hop, jazz, and soul.

i get on the computer immediately to educate myself on the group and found out that this album dropped in January 2008. Why no one bought this for me as a birthday gift considering that I was born in this month I don't know. However, I discovered it now and wear it out like a bad ass kid's behind

PS- PICS AND COMMENTARY ON MY BOSTON TRIP COMING SOON... but in the meantime check out a track off the album

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