Monday, October 20, 2008

They Sooo Nasty!!! (Round 2)

"His little willy moves". That's what she said, not me.

So my homegirl and I were watching
The Soup last weekend and they had a segment in which they showcased what the babies are into these days.
Joel McHale warned us this was an actual commercial but we were not expecting to see penis all up and through the screen! I don't care if it was a doll, that was a bit too real for me!
Now I have seen the commercials in the past where doll babies have the ability to potty...
but that was innocent make believe!!!
I can't even imagine watching this commercial as a kid let alone adult or with some children and not be disturbed for the both of us.

And yet, I can't help but find droplets of humor for how crude it is to air this on a kid's station and how a pervert probably got caught off guard, excited and camera ready to record 21 seconds of a disturbing toy advertisement.

0 word droppings: