Saturday, October 4, 2008

Here Goes A Black Man Lost

Lord Have Mercy Orenthal!!!
Kidnapping, Armed Robbery, Assault Charges, and Being Found Guilty all for some sports memorabilia?!?!?
Was it really that serious?!
Bless Ms. Durio's (O.J.'s sister) heart. He made the poor woman faint as he was being taken away.
Some say karma is a MF but that's in the mind of the beholder
...then again this is the same MF who published a book entitled, If I Did It

O.J. Simpson appears in court during closing arguments in his ...
O.J. Simpson's sister Carmelita Durio lies on the floor after ...
Defendant O.J. Simpson appears in court in his trial at the ...

2 word droppings:

Sobhana Satya said...

I'm not surprised they found him guilty. What was he thinking when he barged in that hotel room... wait he couldn't have been thinking. When will folks learn to control their aggressive impulses?

On a side note. I see you have a music player on your page. How did you create your owm playlist? I tried but I can't figure out how to upload my own playlist

Eye D. VS Mel O. said...

yea dude was def not thinking so this is why his ass gets what he deserves

i got it off of
you have to create an account then make a playlist. it's pretty easy