Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Please Put the Kids to BED!!!

It's BJ Eye D. Clein aka Mel O. Mind bringin' to you oldschool and new school pieces from my crates. Up next we have a PiEcE entitled, "Snooze- Keeping in the nightmare alive" that dropped during the summer of '06.

Everywhere I turned the topic of being on the DL was being discussed. I figured why not add my two cents because the issue needs to not go ignored because relationships and most importantly people's health are being put in jeopardy, and I know i would not want to be with a man who was on the DL. and also this goes out to the young people. i have noticed more and more kids and teens are saying that they are homosexual one minute then go back to being straight or vice versa. their physical appearance and demeanor changes as well, however i am not convinced that sooo many of these young people are indeed homosexual. if you are truly homosexual then be proud of who you are do not be sexually involved with both sexes and remain in the closet. but if you are claiming it becuase it appears to be some kind of fad then stop it and truly think about whether or not you truly are. no one gay or straight deserves to be hurt so really think about it before you go yelling out you are gay. This piece may offend some but that goes to show that I succeeded in expressing how I feel about it and remember i'm on the outside looking in, i'm not saying whatever i say goes, however just hear me out ok?

Check it out...

Track #4: Snooze- Keeping the nightmare alive

now hear me out ok

i been keeping this from all of you too long

now this is what i'm gonna do

after watching thousands of you

do this

ima leave the dick

cuz i'm so sick

since it's late in arrival anyway

ima become psychologically confused

(talkin as if i were a dude)

or lip lock with

drag thugs at the cervix

but my boyfriend or girlfriend

can't know this

but since i'm not gay but secretly

why can't they help me find my way

instead of listening to the nonsense i say

everytime i go away

matter fact i'll win the oscar

for being halle berry's twin sunrise

then jamie foxx's brother at night

or vice versa

which ever one fots for ya

but i guess you all compare

to ray

since you remain blinded to see

who you hurtin except the lips and a-holes

of the bi-curious or a gullible confused virgin

you are just lyin to your kin

but then again

i'm on the outside lookin in

you claim when you creepin

you strap

but c'mon people it's a trap

cuz if that were the case

you'd be fully aware

of what damage could be done

but instead you rather enjoy

the cummings and goings of DNA

that has full potential of becoming mutanated

and overwhelmed with AIDS

and i'm not talking about helpful assistants either

so at this moment ima shave the head

munch on infantile girls

and wear fitteds and sagging denims

ima get those stillettos and hoops

and let my dick tear apart other dudes


all while wearing a dress

maintaining a silky smooth hair texture

but let me first change my gestures

stereotyping my so called proteges hand motions, voices, ans swaggers

just to prove to myself i

indeed denied myself

tht being God molded me into

which i guess was not true


for me to live up to

but check this

i knock what you do

cuz it's not thought all the way through

my brotha

my dude

my sista

young woman

why you got to





a true woman

or the essence of a man








women living as spermless men

and men as eggless women

who aren't true

with it

is nonsense

that needs to

come out of


just cuz you haven't found that woman or man

been hurt before

or confused about you are

doesn't mean you have to be selfish and untrue

to those surrounding you

why do i, and fellow women and men

got to suffer

long term

for your lack of concern




this here is a wake up call

cuz if you all

truly want that committment

why struggle and deny forever trying to deface

your mind, body, and soul to

live a false and guaranteed resentment

2 word droppings:

Don said...

Dammmmmmnnnnnn, you, YOU, you are raw with the thought.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I'm at Grand Central for my cousin's birthday
Bi-sexuality is in the air, and the scene is gay, merry, happy to say the least
This is the land of the beast
Confused and disrupted children of God
Men showcasing hard-ons to turn on other males
She is a he or is he a she, male
Blinded to the blows to God by delivering blow jobs
The job is hard at task and may I ask
Why snakes creep thru grass
Men and women procrast
Hand and hand, hand on ask questions to the lost
For they hold the key to the closet of uncertainty
All I can do is stand by the door overwelmed with an innocent ridicule and prayer on my tongue
Give not me harsh looks or wicked tongues
I hold no judgement for that is my Father's job
Tears sob, stain floors as mothers and fathers ignore the advances of their adult children
Straight no more
Thrown for a loop, a U-Turn
Consistent visits to the clinic to correct burns
Teens try it like drugs, I guess it's the youth turn to learn
And earn their rainbow stripes in the black and deckered world
Am I a tool for speaking my mind?
I point fingers at no man or woman, not even my cousin
I'm just speaking from the soul, so open up your heart if you will and listen-"Grand Central" Expressionz