Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Had to take of some business...

What's going on peoples... it's BJ Eye D. Clein or Mel O. Mind on the 1s and 2s bringin to you the oldschool and newschool social/politicals pieces from yours truly...ME haha

Next up I have a PiEcE dated back to 2005 entitled, This is Just To Say. I was at the point in my life where i was just tired of the conformity amongst my peers. i was fed up giving into to it but had no clue what my next move was going to be in regard to developing my own unique distinctive persona. let's just say that if I was the valedictorian of my high school class, this would have been my speech!!!

All i gotta say is... check it out

Track #3: This is Just to Say

Lemme tell you a true story
once upon a time I jotted down mental notes
on ALL that surpassed me
so don't be misconstrued thinkin I was once zoned out
cuz to your surprise
all that you classify as your actual features
makes all you frauds ugly unnatural creatures
so Ima pause after sayin this
the masks most of you wear is my #1 pet peeve
you see I'm from a city that supposedly reads
by 9
but everyday I observe girls constantly denying giving dudes cat scans on
their knees
at the drop of a dime
oh- and the kids here idolize weed
or claiming the proverbial streets or idolizing unrelective compact
or maybe just wishing to be
politically charged wannabees
oh and to all you artsy frauds- yea i noticed
don't claim you learned the art game from Ms.Z
Damn- it's like popularity is what young people die to be
but your #1 strive is to be part of another stereotypical posse
but the hypothetical question is
how can this be
where's the diversity
people wanting to break out the box when they simply being ducked taped in
being trapped, sealed down forever, never allowing their lives to begin
the wish to exist
young sir, young ma'am- what is this
you not radicals, thugs, or elegant misses
you just an illusion
like NaS said, "the doctors are prescripting us with the poison"
"thugs" vs wannabees
but you dudes especially kill me
sex, fronts, and blunts are pieces of another MC's lyrical evidence
proving that your lives
consist of this harsh mindblowing struggle
but people my metamorphosis
into the factual ME and my low expectations about
my future and it's success
i can barely juggle
I'm not completely knocking your personas
so don't take full offense
i'm simply delivering hard criticism
and hopefully does of wisdom
cuz Nuckin' and Buckin' is what statistics expect for you to
gain all junk knowledge from
80s gear and heels don't mean you got a modeling gig
or a catchy eye for that fashion thing
natural full grown hair
don't mean you suddenly racially or politically aware
or got an artisitc poetic glare
on concerns
since you gave up your showers and perms
I tell you- this need for existence
makes me wanna pull the plug on all you
no wonder me belonging to this sick generation
is on life support
but for you people all twisted and confused
in the mind like a closet homo configuring a rubric's cube
I won't pull the plug or about
but as a friend would say to you young kids
since nothing is being said, you got nothing
to say except, "yea well, this true"
escape alive from the maze
snap out of this mimicking scared daze
I know it's a turbulent path
but out minds and originality is really all that we have

1 word droppings:

Anonymous said...

Did I miss the memo?
Or am I lost like Nemo?
Should I act like 50 or cut like Preemo
Just to fit in, this condition that plagues my scalp
I can't help but dress like this and talk like that
I just want to fit in, cause being myself is wack
They don't cut me no slack
Call me original and unique
Words that deem me a freak
In the eyes of the bleek and those that freak
Without protection, midsections in war
Between friction and raw conception
But my perseption is of a geek
Not chic
Different, I stand alone weak
Against the strong popular population
In correlation with the latest fashion trends and music videos
I just want a cutie with a booty tho
I mean isn't this what the average teenage male wants and yearns for
Or maybe there's more
Behind the fitted caps leaning, pants gleaming showcasing our true assets
I think it's time to snatch back our origin that's trapped within
Shallow gangstas with rainbow bandanas
Females who show up dressed like those Fanta chicks
This turmoil makes me sick like early morning
Knock Knock, can you hear the knock in the womb
Knocking boots and door knockers knocking till noon
Now a baby is here
And the school bell rings, homeroom is near
I hid in fear of being cast into this hollow shell
That so many dwell
In this urban classroom
Infested with fame, glam, guns, money, power, and sex
I'm vexed, confused with my inner self
This ignorant self that guns for my health
Wants to be like the image on T.V.
The sound heard on my radio and seen on the magazines
But the gleam doesn't shine forever
And no one remembers your name in heaven
If this offends you than swallow your pride like a big gulp from 7/11
Or just open up your eyes and realize that high school is only temporary
Graduation is near, so you should fear for the real world called society
And bury all insecurities
Because everyone is original
You just have to dig down deep to see
Liberate your minds for the world to see
In the mirror stares back the real me, the real you
Stop perpetrating with lies and consider a relationship with the truth-"T.V./Magazine/Radio Ad Fiasco" Expressionz