Monday, January 7, 2008

1st track coming up...

This PiEcE came onto the scene around fall '04. the fate and the behavior of the youth ad adults in my neighborhood and nationwide was and still is sickening me. many are not on the right path depending on sex for happiness but it's resulting in mindlessness and deadly illnesses. i was and still am irate not only becuase the youth are not motivated enough to go the extra mile and overcome obstacles eventually seeing success but that many adults simply gave up on us assuming that we weren't teachable or reachable so it was useless in trying to intervene and make a difference. so this is why at the age of 17 i was inspired to become an educator.

Also i'm giving brief rants on other issues such as the the national holiday, Patriot's Day, and other random issues...

I went into my room and wrote, arranged, produced, and kept this piece on hold b/c at the time i was very selfconscious about the reaction i would recieve from the public. Now it's a new day I got ish to say sooo read it and hear me out ok?

Track # 1: The Forcast for the 21st century

Ladies snatch up your kids
fellas board up your windows
I don't think none of ya'll in store for
what ya'll bout to witness
soon hurricane intellect will cause
mental damage
emotional panic
but thought winds won't kill ya
but rather knock out your non electrical power of thinking
then leave you in a stupa

So here's what I been contemplatin'
I don't expect much understandin'
9/11 Patriot's day, the day for unified dreams
but I call the celebration halloween
cuz you frauds put on scary costumes every year
impressin each other
tryin to win the contest of who can be the phoniest most predictable
in this crumbling dwelling beyond the tundra

Enough said- what's worse

little dudes and little girls sucking triple thick cum shakes out
of a used dick or vaginal straw
then bitch and moan when the dirty a-holes never again call
don't attack me sayin I' m rude
cuz you and me both know it's true
to my surprise you probably the ones doin it too!!
this is the downspiral
not the ones pinned up on a little girl's head
but what's occuring in this hectic habitat
no one understands however Jadakiss asked me
is that
but I couldn't give him an answer

Ew- dudes and females breakin off each other on the low
with a quick jab
as if they a soft shell crab
ripping hard
spreading thighs painfully
but then eject like a vhs tape

most of them are stumped
as to whether they want paper or plastic
paper being what's being compensated materialistically before after or during a
brief fuck
for a crumbled buck
hardly accepting plastics so they can use it
as a shield of elastics
to prevent some sexual bug that could last and last
soon killing their fleshy keypad...

1 word droppings:

Anonymous said...

This was atonishing. I love the weather terms and forcast theme, but than you went "Hard". You took it there and I applaud you for your raw and creative delivery. You are blessed. This was a efficient vicious roll call of our ills. Thank you for producing this masterpiece.-Expressionz