Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Last Piece (For Now)

I hate to say it peoples but we have reached the end to our political/social segment. I must return to my drawing board and create some new PiEcEs discussing more social issues and politics for the '08, and believe me the ideas have been conceived in my mind but i just haven't put them onto paper just yet. i know most writers can relate when you have this crazy topic but you just cannot gather the words or the most innovative stylistic approach for it to be a great piece, better than the previous piece you wrote. but anyways, stay tuned for when these complete perceptions of mine premier on (Makes Me Wanna Be A Writer) . come through next month when i showcase the old, the new, and most certainly more inner city truths-

last piece is simply a wake up call to all my "revolutionary" folk and the people who simply complain too damn much about EVERYTHING and it NEVER results in needed action. you can dicuss it and read about it as much as you want but if you are not executing it out on the streets, workplace, classroom, church, or wherever a revolution needs take place, then the studying and talking doesn't really measure up, am i right?

Check it out, let me know what you think... i'm out - PEacE

Track #5: On Demand

the revolution will not be televised

the struggle will paralyze our eyes

so what's the use in filmin'

the screenplay you wrote

tells the story of how

corruptness and demise lies in the hands, mouths, and minds of children

but we overlooked the many triflin men and women

how can the babies change

without proper intervention and instruction

instead genuinely noting their strengths over flaws is something we refuse to mention

oh this fault and vile music and television

but we simply change the station

rather than take the effort to fix the shoddy reception

so quick to blame ALL the downfall on Bush

but that's what you hide behind

wannabee revolutionaries and you you simple minded heedless beings

ya'll not performing o-s-c-a-r material

as empowering m-i-n-d-s's

and yet you say to me you filming gripping documentaries

sadly i thought these were pornos

but who knows

cuz lying around, moaning and groaning

and working my pointer finger

is something i can do myself

but slothiness and ignorance is bad for one's health

but here's the difference between me and you

I'm actually gonna bring upliftment back

having all people proudto sport a self determination backpack

see many of us are missing out on the most critical meal of the day

and I'm not talking breakfast my friends

I'm talking hearty bowls of kinship and compassion

with tall glasses of healthy insight

so please forgive me for not being at all polite

but ya'll know what i'm sayingis indeed valid and right

4 word droppings:

On The Writer's Block said...

good post ms. mellow mind

for further reference check this out

Don said...

*standing ovation*

I agree, it's time to stop hiding and ish.

Love this post.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely enjoyed this thought provoking piece.-Expressionz

Anonymous said...

I absolutely enjoyed this thought provoking piece.-Expressionz