Monday, January 7, 2008

2nd track on the list...

OK WOW!!!! I take back me being subtle lol

... then again i was a charged infuriated teen back in 04 just beginning to get my toes wet with this thing we call writing

next up we have a PiEcE entitled Political Activism at its best dating back to '04 as well. Not as angry as the Forcast piece but it has just as much passion and emotion behind it... Enjoy it peoples!!!

Track #2: Political Activism at its best

Uncle Sam!!!

here I am
I'm waiting for my daily fuck over
nevermind I want
your shit dumped gradually on me
into my unwelcoming cranium
you raped my mother- claiming
later we would have the best
well long social division, no compassion, courtesy truckloads of offensive expression
and reruns of arrests and unrest
is all i ever wanted !
I give you countless fiscal blowjobs
and never got a sincere call back or even one in return
instead what i receive?!
no regards
just strangled of my rights
by being thrown front and center
in this gruesome lifelong plight
or rather a victim of the conflict
you maliciously sauteed
within my biographical wok


you want me alright
to go back to Africa
become E.T. to another land
but phoning home has become a bore
as I remain one of your countless whores
giving you large revenues for duties well done
watching you become rich
or rather
a deceitful cruel son of a bitch
Uncle- I pass on your countless molests, rapes
muggings of my originality, dignity, and content
I decline donating to your unbeneficial foundation
your notoriety makes me wanna regurgitate all
my disdain onto your
questionable creation
you call a democratic civilization!!!

1 word droppings:

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Officially speechless. And this was back in 04'? Where was I at? Rachel even from the beginning you were gifted. I am so happy that you continued in your path down this lyrical poetical road.-Expressionz