Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fashion is in the Tastebuds of the Beholder

(disclaimer- i had this saved as a draft for about a week now i don't know WHY it took me years to post it though... forgive me)

I'm a magazine fanatic and Vogue happens to be my guilty pleasure of mine. About a week ago, it was one of the many subjects up for discussion amongst my friends and I particularly the international issues. First one of my friends informs me on the Black Issue of Vogue Italy. This issue had record selling sales and is in the process being reprinted due to its mass popularity. It's Worth looking at I'll admit it. However, the advertisements are still catered to white people, hmm.


The issue that really caught my eye was Vogue India. I was on NY Times and I see that this issue sparked a lot of controversy within the fashion advertising world. Common everyday folk were photographed wearing Fendi and Burberry among other popular labels. Ironically readers and viewers can obviously see that the people are indeed the focus rather than a Fendi bib or Burberry umbrella. However, many columnists and viewers found these images utterly distasteful and even derogatory to the essence of tasteful fashion.

I'm actually a bit captivated by this spread on so many different levels , but does my opinion really matter in this ridiculously superficial and judgmental fashion world?


So since I would to get my feet wet in the ever evolving world of photography, would it be distasteful to have crackheads, junkies, and homeless folk all over NYC pose in Yves St. Laurent, Gucci, and Dolce and Gabana then propose it to Vogue USA as a future spread?

Just a thought...


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4 word droppings:

Wahiiba said...

hey im the biggest magazine fanatic too...4real i feed of magazines..:P

Buh Teen Vogue is my baby:P

You should defo come 2 The Uk...its great for fashion and all sorts...xx


kLeftamaniak said...

NIX on this magazine. NIX.
im so sick of white exotifiers. it's like when h&m did the "african queen" edition wit some white chick standing in "the safari" wearin their clothes. or when american apparel starts the "afrika" line wit stripes to represent "afrika" and its culture. our cultures and bodies for profit...IM BEYOND DONE.

Eye D. VS Mel O. said...

so are you down with my redneck spread with some folk methed out wearing yves st. laurent and prada

Anonymous said...

I actually don't find it distasteful. Society places standards on clothing, like a middle class worker can't be seen in some high fashion clothing. I would like to see something different. There's too many closed minded people. You don't have to clothed in your condition. Just because a person has a certain amount of money does not mean their clothes have to be a representation.-Expressionz