Monday, September 15, 2008

Real Talk with R.J.

I present to you bloggers a glimpse into my anxieties about transition. It has been on my mind for awhile that it needed to be expressed on here. No fillers. No coating of the sugar. I put Mel O. and Eye.D aside so that everyone can get to know R.J.

I praise the Lord for enabling me to reach my 4th and last year as an undergrad. I definitely am ecstatic about graduating and approaching the new chapter of my life. However, as I take a sneak peak on what's probably to come in my life, I immediately put the book down and contemplate whether or not I want to pick it back up again. Am I fully equipped to fight on the battlefield called the real world alongside my comrades, competitors, and opponents? Do I really have a lucid idea on what I want to do with my life? Will I succeed? Not only succeed, but will I be content with my decisions? These are just some of the thoughts that are on overdrive, but I realize that I need to turn this overheated engine off and relax for awhile until it cools down. Graduation-commencement-bidding adeiu to undergraduate school waits patiently to walk up and through my life, however I just cannot let some stranger in without getting to know them first. And this particular stranger I can't help to but skeptical of.


3 word droppings:

Don said...

Well, I have never graduated from a university so I may not be the proper person to answer this question. But I will say: if you believe that you will fail, you will. If you believe that the world is's yours.


Eye D. VS Mel O. said...

thanks for the encouragement
i definitely believe the world is mine so i need to replay that Nas hook over and over instead self doubt

kLeftamaniak said...

yerrrp. now u kno i got the same anxieties homie...we all in the same boat at this point. u settin the foundation already 4 ur future n prolly dont even realize it...but the way i see it, we all in this 2gether. so any concerns u got, holla at me.