Thursday, September 11, 2008

Shop of the Week...

So listen

I was in Barnes and Noble yesterday reading magazines (what else is new lol), updating myself on the happenings in music, culture, and fashion. I'm reading YRB and I see this ad for backpacks. Ok usually backpack ads go unnoticed but this ad was advertising bags designed by grafitti artists.

People hear me out ok? These bags are CRAZY DOPE!!!!!!

I was diggin the magazine ad so much that I had to check out the site.
The store is called Tatootbags and they sell backpacks and messenger bags that are tagged and bombed by artists who add their personal touch to an otherwise plain standard bag.
These artists bombed the hell out of a common necessity so it was only right that I shout out the shop on here!!

I'm not a grafitti artist but does that stop me from purchasing a bag? YEA OK!!!!
The only quarrel I have is that some of the bags are RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE!!!!
I fell in love with this one bag but it cost an astounding $1200!!!

Other than that, the bags are dope so go to the website and check em out

Click Here

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