Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hip Hop's Birthplace Up For Sale

City officials have given the okay for the historical building to be sold for 5 million dollars to a high profile investment group headed by Mark Karasick. Even though residents and advocates for keeping the apartment complex out of the hands of big investment companies proposed a 10 million dollar petition, it was not approved by city officials. This is pretty upsetting because over a 100 families are at risk for being displaced once the new changes take place. Not to mention who knows the fate of this historical building now that is no longer in the hands of the people.

It would have been nice to atleast see it transformed into a museum if it was going to be sold or damn remain a home to 100s of people, but that's business for you.

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1 word droppings:

kLeftamaniak said...

omg...i dont even wanna begin to discuss how this gets under my skin. DAMN. left up to them, we have no his/herstory. or decent respectable places to live...i could go on...