Friday, February 20, 2009

In Celebration of Negro History Month: The After Party

The New York (whipping) Post with their grand spanking new cartoon mocking the stimulus checks and chimp shooting in CT. Okay some folk may have gotten the joke but some are slower than others, namely moi. I mean c'mon how many people were informed about a chimp shooting?! Publications and Products these several months have been offensive that you can't help but say here they go again with the racism. But seriously though my people, this primate to black folk analogy hasn't been forced to bed yet? I know some people out there will always wear this on their sleeve this due to tainted hand me down genes passed onto them, but I mean C'mon!

I'm an honorary New Yorker and lately NYC has been misbehaving and revealing bits of their racially suggestive side. Remember The New Yorker? N-word cookies?

The whole "I don't see how this is offensive. I'm not a racist. This is simply satire" facade has GOT to end already. But will it ever? Completely?


1 word droppings:

Donte said...

No it will never end or go away, every race will have it's detractors and naysayers. It's life. I'm not being pessimistic, however racists parents are gonna continue to teach racism to their children and so on. The chain of ignorance has to be broken.