Monday, February 16, 2009

The Mellow Happenings Of R.J: Cupid Extended Weekend Edition

I've been a bit of a sloth these past few days but I'm back. So here's a recap of what took place in my life.

- Finally re-twisted my locs!!! They were a HOT MESS (APPEARANCE AND SMELL WISE)
- Received $25 from pops for Valentine's Day... this man never lets me down =)
- Hung out with my homie Ernie on Saturday night... it was a blast
- Went to church... it was a Catholic one but does it even matter sometimes especially when you haven't been in attendance in months?!
- Began reading V for Vendetta... Me Likes
- Finally broke down and downloaded A Kid Named Cudi Mixtape and realized that it's pretty dope and plus he's a cutie anyway.
- Considering going for a double masters at NYU (if I get accepted)- Creative Writing and Sociology.
- Is psyched about graduate school and the accompanying life. It shall be great!
- Was handed 4 units that must have lesson plans by Monday. Will I finish?! Yo espero!
- Saw a mouse in my apt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The little runt must go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Found out one of my best friend's mother had a heart attack =(
(please keep her and the fam/friends in your thoughts and prayers)

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