Friday, February 20, 2009

Washing Out My Dandruff Thoughts: Rinse 6

Yea yea every urban blogger posted this video but many did not provide his/her reaction to it. The video is fly. I'm all about creative minds putting their thoughts down on film. And not to mention he looks sooooo dapper in a tux. My kind of video. I don't think a video how been this fly since Badu's "Honey" video!!!

I must admit it took me a couple minutes to get into the dude cuz I assumed he would be wack and a cliche hipster rapper. Not to mention when folk see me they assume that's the only music I bump so I wanted to prove them all wrong! UGH LABELS!!! HOWEVER, once I downloaded the mixtape and singled out the tracks I would latter run dry and realized how much of an attractive dude he was, it was official that he was going to be my new celeb crush. I haven't had one of those in a minute!

PS- He needs to make some form of a video for "Whenever". TRUST IT WOULD BE A REYNOLD'S WRAP!!!

3 word droppings:

Citizen Ojo said...

Once again you have put me on to something. I'm am happy to see that black folks can come up with a creative artistic video. I stopped watching videos awhile back. How many times can I see Folks jumping up and down on the block, tricked out cars, half naked women and people throwing around money. It seems that rock and alternative groups only make the best videos now.

Tom said...

ahh this video is so sick. I love it when the turntables turn into Pizza!

Eye D. VS Mel O. said...