Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2009's First Tall Glass of Insight

Check out the tribute video "I Would Take the Pain Away" to former Pakistani Prime Minister, Benazir Bhutto, who was assassinated in Dec. 2007. Bhutto's 18 yr old daughter is the MC and it just goes to show that anyone can pour out their genuine emotions with the assistance of a beat and hip-hop influences. This video makes me cry tears of sympathy and anger as to why these monsters in the the world are so f*ckin' obsessed with mutilating one another not just over there but here too!

The Middle East is greatly malnourished of peace and stability at the moment and so is the rest of the world, so people please try eliminating the unnecessary drama, hatred, jealous, and injustice of any kind PRONTO!

shouts to hiphipdx for the post!

1 word droppings:

Donte said...

You can't find peace without God. I can't say all of earth's ills and problems are the cause of the devil, but this war and ignorance is one of them. We in them times when hate is abundant and peace and love is scarce. We have to stay in prayer for them and the world.