Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Digital Archaeological Digs: Discovery #1

What's goin on people-

Tonight I was on this mission to find some classic Spiderman comics, yet SOMEHOW I stumbled across this lost gem... Fast Willie Jackson. Well actually, after I found what I was looking for, I went on a search for comics with African Americans as the leading hero and that's how I found Willie. Anyway, once I got a look at the cover and it's captions, it was mandatory for me to do some research. The comics were creator Bertam Fitzgerald's attempt at creating the African American version of the Archie comics, however the comics only lasted 7 issues during '76-'77.

Had this comic lived to see other decades, would there have been alterations in its lingo or would it be forever frozen in it's jive talk and funky fashion. Not that I would be opposed to it.

I definitely should have been on the writing staff playing a key role in creating a much stronger and appealing storyline, I think I could've taken it places. Sort of like the female Aaron Magruder. I can dig it!

Check out the clips below and read up on the comic HERE


Fast Willie Jackson 4.jpg

7 word droppings:

Donte said...

I need those 7 issues. I agree with you, I think you could have taken it to higher places. We def need more black ppl in other areas of pop culture.

Raquel Jamez said...

Have you heard of Luke Cage comics?

I heard about him on one of my nerd sites a while back- John Singeton is trying to make a movie about him.

Eye D. VS Mel O. said...

@Donte: If the issues weren't like $50 a pop then they would be in my possession. So I only have the web and my imagination lol

@Raquel: So I read up on Lou Cage and I'm interested to see it on the big screen but I 'm not too keen on Tyrese possibly playing the part but whatevs when it comes out I'll check it out.

Donte said...

Luke Cage and The Black panther are awesome. Strong black and intelligent heroes. Tyrese might not be that bad, who else can we get Sam L Jacksonm, lol. 50 a pop huh? Hmmm, sounds like an investment to me...

Video Vix[o]n said...

you could tell the maker of the Archie comics made this one as well, but its crazy how it didn't go anywhere. its so good.

@ Tyrese as Luke Cage: aww heck naw, they need somebody else. mos def not Tyrese though. if i find somebody better, ill let yall know.

Donte said...

Mos def nawwwwwww not at all. Ok maybe not Tyrese, but he's not a bad actor. I would say maybe Derek Luke as the role or someone young and upcoming.

Eye D. VS Mel O. said...

he was saying most definitely (mos def) not tyrese lol