Thursday, January 8, 2009

"Real World" Brooklyn? (Gentrified)

I had to watch it. It was imperative that I witnessed the acutely melanated cast travel to one of the most gentrified parts of BK. Even though I was almost certain that Williamsburg would be their residence, I knew it would be another homogeneous part if I was wrong. So check it: they reside in this converted warehouse in Red Hook, an area that definitely underwent a socioeconomic/physical transplant. Way back in a poetry class I took, I was listening to some white kids' recommending bar spots to each other and a couple were in Red Hook. The one dude said Red Hook is a very rough spot. My professor who is a 30 or 40 something hippie white woman even said please that area is so gentrified. Enough said.

The milli second shot of the fridge stocked of Juniors cheesecake and MTV's LAME attempt at urbanizing the opening theme did it for me.
I'm sorry this season ain't seasoned enough for me! The only interesting thing about the show is the transgender post-opp girl, Katelynn. Other than that, the show is pretty yawntastic. The roommate selection could be way more diverse. I'm not saying where's the angry black woman, the conceited black man, but DAMN!

And c'mon a warehouse?! They could have lived in a fly brownstone in a much more diversified section of BK. I guess that's in the blueprint for the Real World Harlem when I audition.

ps- the dude Ryan, the Iraqi vet from Gettysburg, Pa who is obsessed with finding out everyone's sexuality is really PLUCKIN MY DAMN NERVES ALREADY!!!

If ya'll care to watch the season most of you will see where I 'm coming from, but if you caught the show holla at me!


2 word droppings:

Video Vix[o]n said...

damn, its a shame, but its so true.

you think if its in Brooklyn, it should be in a more culturally diverse, more real representation of BK (im not saying no Dave Chappelle Real REAL world ish) but an area that reps Brooklyn properly.

Im mad they have the fridge full with Juniors. that just dumb.

im gonna love/hate watching this show (if i even keep up with it).

Eye D. VS Mel O. said...

real real world lol. i kept envisioning the show to take that route b4 it aired but i knew that would never happen. that's what college hill is for.

watch this will be another bloody guilty pleasure of mine