Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Mellow Happenings Of R.J: Dia Uno

New to Inner City Truths... I usually post musical, social, political, fashionable, and sometimes poetic truths but I think I can get a bit more personal with the people who stop past and read...

So on 1/21/09 this was my life:

- woke up dumb early (7ish) b/c was I was supposed to get my fingerprints done for student teaching but I was too tired and sore from the previous stomach virus I recently got over and from moving mad luggage back to my place.

- So I had student teaching orientation from 12-2.

- I find out my 3 placement choices fell through. Damn.

- So I may be placed either at Jamaica or Hillcrest or possibly Thomas Edison. These are all walking distance from my building so I have no quarrels.

- Hung out with my pal J Dot (simple and straightforward convos are always awesome)

- 1st day at my Writing for Social Action Class. We watched videos pertaining to activism and protest and did some free writing (note to self: supply new songs to professor's list!)

- Hang out with my buddy Misha after what felt like a 5 yr hiatus.

- We bought chinese food (the only "fast food" I can eat since I'm abstaining from everywhere else!)

- Fell into a very acute slumber from 7:30-10:30 (I was dumb tired since I got minimal rest last night)

- Enjoyed Top Chef but missed my embarrassing guilty pleasure... Real World BK

- Perused the blog circuit and found some gems.


2 word droppings:

Donte said...

The last tidbit was the greatest. "The last semester..."
I wish I could say that. You have done a job well done just with sticking in there. Takes alot of mental strength. I'm sorry to hear bout the stomach virus. I see that move back went well. Well always another enjoyable blog.

Eye D. VS Mel O. said...

aw thanks buddy =)