Monday, January 26, 2009

The Mellow Happenings Of R.J: 3 Day Wrap Up

So this is what done in my life the past 3 days:

- Hung out with my peeps in Harlem and saw Notorious. It was a pretty decent movie even though some scenes were a bit embellished and Lil Kim's portrayal was kinda along the lines of being Big's "jumpoff".

- Went to a nice bookstore/cafe a few doors down from the theater that had the best cherry/strawberry/red cupcakes with cream cheese icing ever! Even though they should have been cheaper or larger in size considering they were $3.50!

- Spent the night in Bk with friends and watched the life and times of Mutulu Shakur on American Gangster. It was very enlightening considering that I did not know too much about him B4.

- Hung out with my people today in Queens. I realized that my friends obsess over Indian and Asian men more so than black men but hey I ain't knocking it!

- Perused Craigslist laughing at the "personal ads". Okay, when men are seeking to find a jumpoff for the night on there do all their photos have to be of their penis?!?!?! Can I get a real photo of the actual dude?!?!

- Just found out that my student teaching may take place at a middle school. I really do not care at this point, I just want it to be over with, however I BETTER NOT TEACH 6TH GRADERS!!!

- Embarked on writing two pieces, "Fear of the Black Woman Vagina" (remix to Nas's "Fear of Mandingo") and about the true purposes of Fiber Optics. Be on the lookout on those.

- Spent all Sunday night/early Monday morning watching "Soul Train" from the 70s on Youtube.
(I should have been born 30 yrs earlier)

1 word droppings:

Donte said...

My eyes @ the second to last one (LOL) Sound like an interesting 3 days...some od these were humorous, some were interesting, but overall wonderful. I really need to do one of these. Where do I go to create a blogspot?