Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Operation Vaginal Power Outlet Now in Progress

(Photo Via Current and Article Via Jezebel)

I'm all about original designs even those coming from left field as long as there is a lucid explanation behind its creation. But this is such a man thing to do!

According to designer Bob Turek, he created this "innovative" speaker system to show that it "is focused on transforming the way we view the objects we make music with."

So let me get this straight. I have to plug my I-pod into a vaginal outlet which operates by the music blastin from her breasts?! Not to mention she is headless, so that goes to show that her brain and face is insignificant to sharing the beauty of music. AND, once again the female's body is classified as an "object" through music...

Nah I ain't feelin this one people!!!

PS- I guess my male exploitation version needs to debut asap!!!

3 word droppings:

Satya said...

lol is all I can say to this!

After listening to advice from folks i've changed the name of the blog so it's easier to remember and spell lol.


Eye D. VS Mel O. said...

I lol only to bite my tongue of all the extreme obscenities that could escape my mouth!

yea i did the same thing... my name was way too long!

Donte said...

I need some bass!!! Lol. Jokes aside, this is just tasteless. What respectable man can invite a lady over. Lord willing his mother or grandmother want to listen to some music, LOL.