Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Political Musical Chairs: Dirtiest Game Ever Played

Burris was denied his seat in the senate today. He could have the 1 black person seated in office, however the Democrats weren't having that. When I think about, he's too good of a politician to come into office in the midst of the Blago fiasco simply because he'll just be bearing the guilt of association. Damn you Blago!
But why is it that during tumultuous times, these white politcians who are the result of the mess try to pass on the job to a black man? Not like we are unable to repair these busted problems, but I'm just saying!
Anyway, Burris is considering to file a federal lawsuit forcing his seat in the senate. We'll see how that all goes.

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2 word droppings:

Citizen Ojo said...

Your title is the truth. This is a Dirty Game. The problem is instead of black folks playing it we are getting played....

Satya said...

I think the Dems should be ashamed of themselves. Especially Harry Reid for refusing to seat him. Althogh, there is a dark could aroung Blogovich (however you spell it) He has not been indicted. Weren't the Dems saying Republicans should back off Clinton when he was first accused of geetting mouth hugs in the 90s?

Dems are the party that's in favor of protecting rights guaranteed by the Constitution. Well the Constitution states that the sitting governor has the authority to name a governor in the event that the seat is vacated. Blogovich named him and he should be seated. This thing is such b.s.
I could see if Blogovich was as least indicted but he hasn't even been indicted. What happened to due process?