Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Washing Out My Dandruff Thoughts: Rinse 2

So I was in the car last night listening to a D.C. station that was playing this ILL MIX called the "middle school mix". Throwback Mary J., City High (I know right), Eve, Nas, and some L-Boogie along with some other tunes that escaped me.

So all the ill songs from '96-'02 back when I couldn't live w/o the radio put a huge grin on me and my homie Uni Q's face on our way to Red Lobster.


In the midst of the the 808s blastin "Lost Ones", I turned to Uni and said to her...

"She's never coming back, is she?"

Even though I read this random article in the New York Post that she unexpectedly walked into a equestrian club and rode a horse and took her kids to a Martha Stewart book signing a few months back, this fly lady is gone ya'll... 4 NOW

But I'm optimistic that she will make the most phenomenal resurgence to wax, my ears, and musical history


2 word droppings:

Satya said...

Lauryn Hill was the ish. I remember Christmas of 99 I got my first cd player and two cds and Lauryn was one of them. I pumped that cd for two weeks straight.
Hell I still love that cd its the epitome of R&B definitely one of the best of all times.

Ex Factor and Nothing Even Matters best tracks ever!!

Eye D. VS Mel O. said...

girl i'm right there with you... sweetest thing and the miseducation of lauryn hill gotta be my favorites tho out of the many amazing songs