Monday, January 26, 2009

Washing Out My Dandruff Thoughts: Rinse 4

Ok I don't if it's just me and my mommy but is Erectile Dysfunction/Enhancement a pandemic on the dl ?! I can't go 1 day without
seeing dozens of commercials of old geezers or creepy looking middle aged men talking about their "problem" and how it was resolved with some sketchy pill that helps them perform better and/or enlarges their penis size. The radio is not exempt either! Is it really necessary for me to hear 3 ads in 20 mins in the middle of the day?! I think I would rather hear about the latest gospel play in my city... nah not really!!!

But seriously I did not know Erectile Dysfunction/Enhancement was prevalent amongst the older men for these commercials to be airing CONSTANTLY!!!

(PS- Is it just out of the fear of embarrassment to a possible truth or how come we never see men of color in these ads?)

1 word droppings:

Donte said...

I've actually have seen an ad with an blk male. Lol. They be so CHEESY and unwarranted, no one wants to see these commercials. If you have a "problem" than you go out and find the solutions. Stop blasting all this non sense on our televisions.