Thursday, January 22, 2009

Inner City Truth's 2009 Procotol

It's better to be a lil tardy than sorry. I allotted extra time for myself to thoroughly think about what must get done for 2009. This may for into the resolution category, however it's more so my to do list, protocol, or chores that I would like to complete...

Care to know what they are?


1. Continue abstaining from red meat and pork
(For some reason I do good for months but then bacon sweet talks me, BUT NOT ANYMORE!!!)
2. Cut out fast food joints (I'm so too good for them)
3. Continue boycotting ALL unnatural juices (Sorry Kool-aid)
4. Only eat when hungry (Gluttony is for the weak)
5. Graduate with Honors this May! (Actually graduate period.)
6. Continue improving my skills in Espanol
7. Take the GRE's this year and do a decent job on them
(not the greatest the test taker but that won't stop me!)
8. Apply to Grad school for Spring 2010 (NYU is my #1)
9. Save money throughout the year (work hard. but not to death!)
10. Reduce my TV intake (It needs me. I don't need it.)
11.Go back to the gym (while it's still free for students!)
12. continue walking to close locations
13. Pay off my Nicaragua trip 2008 debt (no biggie)
14. Read more (the mind not my body needs to pack on more pounds)
15. go to more cheap/free concerts, shows, plays, etc
16. attract more visitors to my blog
17. showcase my poetic talents at open mics (peace out timidity!)
18. eat more fruit
19. go to more rallies and social action meetings
20. spend less money on dumb ish
21. go to church more (actually find a place that I like)
22. work at an ill job either summer 09 or fall 09
23. continue my hustle as a proctor for the SAT's ($100 a month= oh yea!)
24. be more active on campus (show them fools R.J. got something to say!)
25. do my thing with student teaching even though I know for sure I do not want it to be my career
26. cook more (next life I'll be a world class chef so why not begin during this one)
27. actually get my license and stop letting my permit expire
28. make use of the ill events posted on Fusicology
29. Visit Chicago and leave the country again
30. continue being more assertive and self confident but never reach obnoxious levels

4 word droppings:

Faisal said...

hey very good resolutions, all of them and word on the open mic. I want to be more outspoken with my poetry too. thanks for reading my blog

Eye D. VS Mel O. said...

thanks a bunch... you have really good poems. keep it up!

Satya said...

Ummm why did it take me all this time to realize that b\c you changed your blog name I wouldn't see the updates. lol. BTW I'm taking the 20th century African American lit class and we're reading some of Countee Cullen's work

Eye D. VS Mel O. said...

lol that's wassup I wish I could take it but this bloody student teaching is in the way