Thursday, January 8, 2009

The FCC Can Not Censor True Life Even If They Tried!

Song lyrics, video games, and Hollywood movies do not light a candle to the gruesome realities of the ongoing violence in our society. People can argue that the media promotes this but what about areas in the world where these forms of entertainment are an unattainable luxury rather than a superficial necessity like they are in America?

New articles, radio reports, eyewitness stories, that's more horrific than any game of Grand Theft Auto or Hip-Hop lyric, and I don't care what anyone says. The gruesome accounts of what's going down on the Gaza Strip, that ish is crazy son!

So I read an article today about a doctor in Gaza City on his way to the hospital, but not to work. He and his daughter needed immediate medical attention due to the fact that their apartment was bombarded and remodeled by Hamas militants. His wife was ripped in half and his one year old son was now in pieces.

A militant of the Islamic Jihad insisted that he be treated and released so that he can return to the battlefield. Doctors say to him why is he so happy about the lives being lost and this gruesome battle in general. He says to them that these people in the hospital and throughout the city lost loved ones who are now martyrs.

And this is his personal aspiration.

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Donte said...

That is just sad. America think violence in this country is bad. Everyday over there it's war. I just pray for peace to come...